dive guide in diving career

The Red sea depths are stunning with their beauty. Any person, who had a chance to touch this wonderful and mystical world once, would want to come back here again and again. This is the reason why diving in Eilat – an Israeli city that is considered to be the most popular diving resort, attracts countless amateurs and professional divers here every year. If you cannot see your life without dives and want to make diving your profession, diving course Dive guide will help you make your dream come true. Having finished the course you will be able to organize individual or group dives.

What kind of profession is it?

Dive guide – is a certified diver, who have finished appropriate training and is practicing organization of diving sessions in the designated spots. To decide which of the spots to pick as your next destination you will need a map of Eilat’s dive-sites. Dive guide will deal with all the organizational moments from checking the documents and professionals skills of participants to choosing the right diving equipment and practical diving performance. An experienced Dive guide will provide absolute safety during the excursion into the underwater world of the Red sea.

What is included in the Dive guide training program

Dive guide – is an introductory level before DiveCon course. The given specialization as well as Assistant instructor course allows you to develop the skills of controlling a group of divers on surface and under water. During the course a participant will learn to properly carry out briefings – compulsory instructions for all the group, that take place before every guided dive. To achieve this goal every future guide will be taught to reveal the following questions:

  • general information and specificity of diving spots;
  • water condition in the diving spot (water temperature, underwater flows, wave size etc.)
  • the place of going in and out of the water
  • what you can and cannot do in the given dive-site and under water in general;
  • which is the detailed plan of the underwater route with peculiarities of local flora and fauna;
  • what are the rules and actions at the time of emergency;
  • What are the communicative signs that are used under water

Dive guide also assigns partners in a group, usually 2 people or 3 in the case when there number of people is not even. If it is a decompression dive for more than 8 meters than the briefing must also include the topic of  a 3-minute “safety stop” at the depth of 5 meters.

In the process of going through the course every participant must reinforce his theoretical and practical knowledge and skills of recreational diving. The basic exercise, which every participant will notice is swimming backwards in sitting position (like sitting on a chair). It is the most comfortable position to control the group. What is more, participant’s buoyancy must be perfect and underwater navigational skills and swimming backwards – more than perfect, because AHLA DIVE prepares only professionals.