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technical scuba diving in eilat red sea


A lot of people come to Eilat to practice diving almost all year round. It is true because the underwater world of the Red sea is amazingly attractive and unique. Some of the tourists have already become a certified diver and some of them are only beginning their journey into this wonderful world of underwater adventures. Especially for these kinds of beginners diving courses and specialization Equipment Specialist in particular are made.

Why do I need this?

All types of dives can be separated in these two categories:

  1. Organized diving. These are dives that are organized by an instructor or a dive guide from our club. In this variant the organizer takes care of all the details starting from choosing the diving equipment to the diving process itself.
  2. Independent dive tours. Here you will need all the diving lessons. In this variant all the responsibility lays in the hands of the diver. And this means picking the diving spot, choosing the correct equipment and providing self safety at the time of diving. If you have a certificate you are able to rent the diving equipment. But you will have to choose it yourself. That is why “Equipment” specialization is very important in the process of diving learning. This course gives you all the necessary knowledge of correct exploitation, safekeeping and countless details of working with diving equipment that is used at the time of scuba diving.

What is in the “Equipment techniques” course program

The course is 2 days long. In the process of ”Equipment Specialist” course you will learn:

  • by which criteria you should choose diving equipment;
  • how match the equipment that fits you in all characteristics
  • how to try the equipment on properly and adjust the equipment to the body
  • what are the main rules of diving equipment maintenance

You will also be able to achieve some easy repair skills.

Insurance is not included in the price of the course. You can make one if you contact specialists of our diving center.

Participant requirements

All the students have to meet the following criteria:

  • age 12 and more (with a written permission from parents)
  • minimum diving level Open Water Diver
  • good state of health (participants who are older than 65 need to have a medical permission)

And remember that every dive is a prominent event, the memory of which you will never want to forget. That is why we recommend our every diver to order photo and video shooting. Our diving center has all the necessary equipment for this.