intro dive in eilat red sea

Every time we see colorful coral reefs and marvelous schools of exotic fish on TV we dream of being in the place of the diver and see all this beauty with our own eyes. We must tell you that dream may easily come true. Diving in Eilat can help fulfill your fantasy and after scuba diver course specialists of our diving center will organize your try scuba diving.

What is a Try Scuba Diver

Scuba Diver – is a training program for diving beginners or people who are not sure whether they want to go in for scuba diving but wish to get acquainted with the beauty of the Red sea and its inhabitants. Scuba Diver is a short (3 days) variation of the Open Water course. Having finished Scuba Diver a student can stop on what he has reached or go on to 2 additional days and get his first Open Water star. 

scuba diver course in Eilat_קורס צלילה באילת_курс дайвинга в Эйлате

Try Scuba Diver course destroys all the myths about diving being a difficult a dangerous sport. Theoretical and practical lessons with qualified specialists of our diving center will take only a few days, after which you will be able to carry out your try scuba diving for not more than 12 meters under the supervision of an experienced instructor. At the time of your practical lessons you do not have to buy a whole set of scuba diving equipment. The price of rented equipment is already included in the price of the course.

scuba diving in eilat_צלילה באילת_дайвинг в Эйлате

What are the participant requirements          

Scuba Diver course is 3 days long. Insurance is already included in the price of the course. This is also an advantage that you get by using our diving center. The final price of scuba diver course you can learn by contacting one of our specialists. Everyone who would like to take part in the course and make their try scuba dive should meet the following requirements:

  1. Age 12 – 80. Under aged participants need to have a written permission from their parents or care-takers.
  2. Good state of health. Participants younger than 45 can just fill in a medical form. Men and women older than 45 need to have a medical document proving their good health.

Even the minimum diving level or specialization is not required.

Don’t forget that our diving center has a service of photo and video shooting of your trial dive. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to memorize your triumph forever.

Course standarts
3 days, every day 2 dives + theory lesson with an instructor
minimum age 12 years
20 ₪
Maximum depth
12 meters
Course duration
execution of all course standards
850 shekels in group, private course 1350 shekels

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Reviews for this course

Scuba Diver
Ella Europe

“Great experience” Had a great time at this dive center. Easy going staff and quite good equipment, especially if you are a beginner like me. Did a dive with Roni and she was great, did a few dives with Avner and he was also amazing. If you want to dive with dolphins- dive with Avner the dolphin whisperer....

Скуба Дайвер (Scuba Diver)
Yevgenia Gorkina Ukraine

Дайвинг-центр AHLA-это не только то место, где вас научат погружаться,но это ещё и общение,новые друзья,профессиональные,доброжелательные инструктора открывающие мир дайвинга.Это незабываемые впечатления,интереснейшая учёба с отработкой всех навыков и сдачей экзаменов.Прекрасно организованный сервис.Желаю...

Scuba Diver
Gigi Charis Hong Kong

Surreal!!! Diving into the stunning natural beauty of the Promised Land! Great team to take care of me, teach me technical skills & show me the amazing sea world in the Holy Land. Loving it!!!! Proverbs 13:19 It is pleasant to see dreams come true!

Scuba Diver
Ariela R Israel, Ramat Gan

הייתה לי חוויה מדהימה ומרהיבה, תודות לסשה המדריך שליווה אותי לכל אורך הדרך בסבלנות ובהתמדה ובלעדיו לא הייתי מצליחה. כיף למלול לתוף הים המרהיב ביופיו . “Diving” Original review you can read here

Scuba Diver
Oren M Israel, Eilat

“Refresher dive” i did many refresh dives before and it was the best experience. thank you sasha and see you again soon Original review you can read here

Скуба Дайвер (Scuba Diver)
Елена Пятигорск

Первый раз я услышала про дайвинг в Петербурге. Друзья, на какой-то вечеринке взахлеб рассказывали о том, как планируют встречать новый год в проруби, и пить в ней самогон. Тогда я решила, что они сумасшедшие. Потом предлагали погрузиться в чёрном море, на пять метров. Это показалось мне не интересным....