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Open Water and Advanced Open Water Diver + Accommodation

Open Water and Advanced Open Water Diver +  Accommodation

Do you want to become a part of the fascinating world of diving and have a really good time between the dives? Our diving center "Ahla" offers you a unique sale pack: two diving courses and accommodation in Eilat (Israel), where we are located.

What is included in the pack?

First is Open Water Diver - a course for diving beginners, that will learn the basics of scuba diving under the supervision of an experienced instructor. The duration of the course is only 5 days - and in this time a beginners will listen through the theoretical basics, will preform 4 first dives in a special pool and 6 more - in the open waters of the Red sea. All this is completely safe and, and the maximum depth is 18 meters. As it is impossible to not fall in love with the diving itself and with the underwater beauty, receiving the international certificate, that is issued after the first course, your diving experience only begins as another course is offered to you in the pack.

Advanced Open Water Diver - is the next step in the world unknown, that allows you to raise the level of your qualification and see more of the beauty. In two days a diver will make six dives  - which means three a day also under the supervision of an experienced diver. The diving depth may reach up to 40 meters, which will allow you to see not only the underwater inhabitants but also sunken ships. Our courses in Eilat help to get familiar with the depths and make the most joy from observing the surrounding beauty.

And finally in addition to the above we offer accommodation in a villa - living in a guest house, designed in a corresponding thematic. For six days the home of divers will be a large community room. You will also have access to a modern kitchen, washing machine and dryers, which takes the household duties off your shoulders, as well as nicely equipped chill-out zone, where you can relax completely. There is a diving center inside.

As a modern man cannot live without the access to the net, here you will find wi-fi with good coverage - the freshest impressions and photo will be ready to get uploaded right after the diving classes.


The pack price is 2400 shekels.