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Do you wish to go Scuba Diving in Eilat?!

Advice's for Beginners and Prorofessional Divers in Israel, Eilat

It makes no difference if you are a professional diver or a beginner, who wants to see the beauties of the sea depths with his own eyes, you will never find a better place for scuba diving than Eilat. This city is a kind of a Mecca for divers from all over the world. You can come back here many times and always discover something interesting and new. When planning on visiting Eilat for the first time it is very important to clarify some of the nuances, remember all the advice on diving at the picturesque sites of the Red sea. And it will definitely be useful for professionals to refresh such knowledge.

Diving in Eilat: advice to beginners

We will not get into details of getting a visa to Israel, but start from going through customs. It is here that a diving beginner may face some difficulties.

What does a diver need at customs?

For you to pass the customs control securely you need:

  • return ticket;
  • a document proving that you have accomodation in Eilat;
  • cash money on the basis of 80-100 dollars per day or other bank cards that can prove that you have enough funds to ensure your normal everyday life.

Does a diver need insurance?

It is preferable that everyone who comes to Israel has a medical insurance. It is preferable but not obligatory. Diver’s insurance is necessary not only for beginners, but also for professional divers. It doesn’t matter if you are about to make a trial scuba dive, or spend unforgettable hours doing snorkeling along the reefs, or go through diving courses to become a certified diver and get the ability to practice scuba diving independently, you must have a  diver’s insurance. You can do this using the help of the specialists of our diving center. You can find all the details and nuances of this process here.


What equipment is required and where can I buy it?

It is absolutely unnecessary to bring along everything that you might need for diving in Eilat. Our diving center offers you a wide selection of equipment to rent of any level.  Our highly qualified specialists will help you choose the right equipment that fits you perfectly. You can order diving equipment on our web-site as well as by visiting our equipment shop in the diving center “Ahla” in Eilat.

How to become a diving instructor

If you cannot imagine your life without the Red sea depths and want to mix business with pleasure and question yourself how to become a diving instructor than diving center “Ahla” is what you are looking for. We organize not only beginner training courses but also professional courses for instructors as well as technical diving courses with further certification of the participants. Assistant instructor “Divecon”, dive guide, diving instructor – all these specialties will become available for you after finishing instructor training courses.