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Dive site in Eilat "Three sister's"

Dive site "Three Sisters" is located in the southern part of Eilat, close to Midgalor beach, which means "Lighthouse" in Hebrew. To the left of the beach there is an underwater observatory of Eilat and to the right of Midgalor, the dive site that we need. Entry into the water is situated opposite the dive center KFARA TSOLELIM - 300 meters off the public beach. This diving spot is considered one of the best places in shallow waters. The average diving depths is 6 meters.

 In terms of currents in Eilat, this dive site is an ideal example. With different currents, divers like to make "Drift Dives" here. Doing so, they can enjoy two dive sites at once: "Three Sisters" and "Caves", as the final part of the dive and exit takes place in the "Caves" diving site, the most outstanding dive spot for introductory dives in Eilat.

Why is this dive site called "Three Sisters"!? The name comes from the three huge corals that stand under water 50 meters away from each other. The height of the corals reaches 5 meters and thanks to that you can observe the dive site from dry land before making the actual dive. It is a very picturesque place rich in coral fish, moray eels and octopuses.


Even the most keen divers do not leave the place without a positive feedback.

Order your guided dive in "AHLA" diving center and we will gladly provide you with an experienced company for diving at "Three Sisters" diving site. Our experienced instructors will show you the most colorful places of the underwater world of this dive spot and will also make you diving comfortable and safe.