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Do you wish to go Scuba Diving in Eilat?!
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So, you have received an Open Water Diver diving level or higher. Congratulations, now you are a certified diver! If you don’t feel brave enough to practice independent diving, our diving center offers you guided dives in the best dive-sites of Eilat, one of them is “Tables of Neptune”.

Description of the dive-site

The maximum depth is 25 meters. Having reached the depth of 12-15 meters you will see first large coral formations. Bright colors of the corals with shoals of colorful fish swimming in them already give the feeling of some kind of a fairy-tale world. A little bit deeper, at the depth of 22 meters there is a big clearing in the middle of which you can see quite big coral formations that are almost perfectly square. That is why they are called “Tables of Neptune”. And among them there is a not less famous among divers spot “Gardens of eels”.

Early in the morning “Tables of Neptune” dive-site will surprise the divers with its big number of starfish. If you plan your diving a little later you will probably miss starfish because they hide in dark places. The sandy areas of “Gardens of eels” will gladden the divers with its wide diversity of sea inhabitants. They are eels, different kinds of dasyatis, seals and many other underwater creatures.

Who can visit

 “Tables of Neptune” dive-site is accessible to any certified diver. With a little help from your partner or a dive-guide from our club “Tables of Neptune” is even available for divers with disabilities.

What is required for diving

  1. Diver’s insurance. For the insurance to be valid that diver need to have had his last dive in the last six month. Otherwise he will have to go through REFRESH DIVE.
  2. Equipment. If you haven’t bought you own equipment yet, you can buy diving equipment the shop of our diving center. Our club also offers the service of renting of all the necessary diving equipment.
  3. Partner or a dive-guide. Remember, individual diving is forbidden. If you come to practice diving in Eilat, our diving club will be glad to offer you an experienced dive-guide that will lead you to the most interesting places. If you have an experienced companion, we welcome you to our program for experienced divers. To take part in the program all you need is experience, proved with a logbook and certificates as well as an examination check-dive to demonstrate your skills to a dive-guide.

How to get there

 “Tables of Neptune” dive-site is located opposite the “A-Nesiha” hotel. There are three paths nearby from the side of South Bridge that are marked with buoys. You can use any path you like. Do not forget that parking spots a limited in the area. That is why it is better to use the service of transportation to the diving spot and back from our diving center to get rid of all inconveniences.