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Dive site in Eilat "Veronica"

Almost all tourists, who come to Eilat dive into the depths of the Red sea at least once to get acquainted with its inhabitants. It is not necessary to be a certified diver. Our diving center offers tourists a plenty of amusements that do not require long training and special skills. Scuba motorbike, snorkeling along the reef, a kayak with a transparent bottom, introductory diving and a real photo session under water – all this is available for any person age 8 to 80.

But if you cannot imagine your life without a constant close touch with the underwater world of the Red sea, and for this reason you are a professional, certified diver, than our diving center offers you guided dives in Eilat along the most interesting underwater routes, one of which is a trip to the Rock Veronica.


Dive-site Veronica is situated 2 kilometers off the Israeli-Egyptian border next to “Princess” hotel. The maximum diving depth is 7 meters. A diver can enter the water right from the sea shore.

Who can take part

Dive-site “Veronica” is available to everybody who is interested. The depth of diving depends on your skill level. Beginners can swim in the shallow waters with a mask and a snorkel. If you do not have the right equipment, you can rent professional diving equipment in our diving center. Certified divers can dive to the maximum depth and make an underwater trip to the Rock Veronica.

Description of the dive-site “Veronica”

This place is considered to be one of the most beautiful and for this reason the most popular dive-site in Eilat. This place will be fascinating for beginners as well as experienced divers. A coral wall begins almost instantly and stretches along the whole route till the underwater rock itself. This site is not very deep. Beginners can enjoy the abundance of bright, colorful corals and various sea creatures. Flora and fauna of the dive-site is so picturesque and amazing that even the experienced divers find it astonishing. Eels and skates, calamari and octopuses, sea hedgehogs and shoals of glittering trout, clown fish and lots of other underwater inhabitants will take you to a completely different world.

Precautionary measures

Dive-site “Veronica” is ideal for diving in any time of day and night. But remember, when you are planning night diving you have to warn the border control about it.

Do not forget to take your camera and order photo shooting in our diving center. You will never forgive yourself, if you miss out on the opportunity to depict you underwater trip forever.