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Do you wish to go Scuba Diving in Eilat?!

Dive site in Eilat "Katza"

Diving-site "KATZA" was opened in the end of 2017 in Eilat, but it became popular very fast - mainly due to the efforts of the ecologists that raised a lot of fuss about it. Nonetheless this didn't prevent the site from becoming popular among divers as it has some unique advantages. To name a few it is the chance to enjoy the beauty of the coral reefs and the presence of the Dolphin reef - a reserve of those marvelous mammals. We offer you really fascinating diving in Eilat.

This site starts with port watchtowers. With the time the metal was overgrown with corals making the place into a real reef, so this place attracts everybody who wants to enjoy them and other underwater life in its finest. You can even choose a different way, that we also offer in our diving-center: to enjoy diving with the dolphins, that swim freely not only in the territory of the resort but also outside of it. It is worth mentioning that the territory is not fenced in any way. This gives an opportunity to the certified divers, who wants to see the beautiful creatures not in a pool but in the open water, to fulfill their dreams.

The maximum depth of "KATZA" diving site is 30 meters, but there is no need to dive this deep - fascinating views are available from a much less depth. Such diving in Israel is especially exciting to the beginners, that are only getting ready to conquer large depths.

A unique peculiarity of the diving center is the fact that we organize early dives at dawn around 5:30 in the morning. As morning is the best time to meet dolphins, as exactly at this time the divers have the biggest chance to meet those clever and amazingly beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.

This diving site is not suitable for carrying out diving courses, as this part of the underwater kingdom of Eilat is a sanctuary zone and all the divers are forbidden from touching the sea bottom.

For the certified divers we have a not less interesting offer  - fun-dives that many people love this dive site for.

All Open Water divers and higher levels are welcome to this unique place to try guided dives. Divers will be able to explore the location accompanied by an experienced diver, who despite the place being new, has already learned everything about this site and can show you the most interesting parts. What is more, there are specific rules of behavior with the dolphins, that you will learn at the briefing prior to the dive.