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Medical form for scuba diving in Israel, Eilat

Management of AHLA DIVE in Eilat advises their clients to fill in a medical form before starting their diving training. This medical questioning became obligatory because it is an important step of security formation for every person who plans to dive deep.

Medical form: what is it for and how is it filled?

Presence of inborn or acquired illnesses as well as some other changes in diver’s state of health can be the reason for his or her bad well-being at the time of diving. To prevent such critical consequences divers have to fill in a medical form with contradictions to diving practice. In case when a person has any of the listed illnesses he needs to have a doctor’s permission. To get recommendations from specialists and learns the rules of behavior in this or that situation. It is worth mentioning that having a few positive answers in the medical form will not be a foundation for rejection of diving.

It is important to fill in all the points of the form honestly because your health and well-being depends on it. At the end of every form you will find points that place all the responsibility for data accuracy on you so you will have to answer for any false information yourself. Doctor’s consultation before training process only contributes to taking care of every scuba diving amateur.

Safety comes first!

Medical form is created with the aim of prevention of all the possible bad consequences for health of our dive-center clients. In case of detection of some problems concerning a person’s state of health he will have to see a doctor for advice (qualified medical specialist of our diving center). The reasons for this can be:

  • excess weight
  • bad physical form
  • problems with cardiovascular and respiratory systems
  • presence of chronic, inborn or serious acquired diseases in medical history
  • pregnancy
  • recent groundless health worsening
  • Constant using of medical products that do not combine with diving

In some cases a doctor will allow diving, having limited the depths and time of being under water. But do not overreact on doctor’s refusal because it happens rarely and is always explained as a high risk for a person’s health.

You can fill in a diver’s medical form and get exhaustive answers to all your questions in our diving club in Eilat.