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Are you curious about scuba diving? Then the Red Sea is a great place to start. It is home to over 1200 species, there’s little to no currents and the visibility is always about 20-30 meters. Get ready to fall in love with diving. Here is our testimonial of this amazing experience to inspire you to start diving right away. So that’s how everything started...

Every IntroDive starts with the instructor explaining the fundamentals:  what are the main things you should pay attention to while diving, equipment, safety concerns, signals, and respiratory techniques. Then he gave us suits and shoes and drove us to our diving site: The Underwater Restaurant, in Kisuski Beach. Other diving sites are The Caves, Coral Beach, Dekel, and Three Sisters.

The restaurant was built more than 20 years ago. Half of the building is above water and the other half is below the surface. It used to be a nice place to go in the evenings, where you could see colorful fish through the panoramic windows. Now, this place is a popular diving site among beginners and professional divers. 

We got in the car and headed to the beach. When we arrived there we were already super excited and nervous at the same time. Would we be able to go down the ocean and actually breath underwater? We couldn’t wait to try it.

The instructor then took all the equipment out of the car, put on the equipment on himself first, and then helped us after he was ready. Now we could see the big restaurant building and a huge area surrounded by sea safety buoys. It was clearly a safe zone for teaching and learning how to dive. 

We walked into the water, one at a time, with our instructor. He put on our fins and showed us how to breathe with the regulator, how to clean the mask and get rid of the water in case there was water either inside the mask or inside the regulator. All the time, he was reassuring us that everything was going to be okay making us feel comfortable, calm and safe. We tried breathing with the regulator above the surface, then tried it again lowering our face to the water, until we felt comfortable enough. After a few minutes, we were ready to dive.

We slowly walked into the water and started diving. The water was crystal-clear. Fishes of all shapes and sizes were swimming all around us. Who would ever think that in the middle of the desert you could find so much color and life underwater?

Breathing only through your mouth underwater felt a little bit weird at first. You don’t feel your body weight. It seemed like we were flying into space, into another world. There’s a whole other world just below the surface. Since the instructor will be there every step of the way, asking through hand gestures if everything is okay, showing you cool things, and reminding you to equalize ear pressure, all you have to do is relax and enjoy the experience. 

Ready to try scuba diving? Then IntroDive is the fastest and easiest way to learn the basics and discover the depths of the Red Sea. Book now or contact us at the Ahla Diving Center if you have any questions.