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Underwater world of the depths of the coral bay Aqab, washing Eilat, attracts thousands of divers - experienced and sophisticated and those who only begin their acquaintance with Neptune. With the first dive into the waters of the Red sea everyone becomes a true diving enthusiast. It can be explained by the captivating beauty, kaleidoscope of colors, treasures of the waters and the level of diving orientation of the resort.

It is difficult to enjoy the underwater world and glamor of the coral reefs in a few hours. Vacation in Eilat should last for days if not for weeks.

 Diver's villa in Eilat: comfort and rest "three in one"

 There are a few options for tourist accommodation in this southern resort. But for really comfortable residence in Eilat with an opportunity to feel all the charm and facets of dive-vacation you should choose the diver's villa. It not just a cozy guest house, it is a separate and wonderful world, a club of adventurers "three in one":

 Comfortably thematic accommodation

 You are welcome to reside in a diver's villa with high comfort in one of three separate rooms for two with a peculiar design, quality atmosphere and appliances. Or choose a cheaper option of living in Eilat in a hostel room for 6 diving tourists.

Whatever option you prefer, the guests have the access to the following facilities and advantages of living in such a villa:

 advantageous location: center of Eilat and just a 10-12 minute walk from the sea, amazing reefs and diving spots - is a perfect exercise for proper mindset, and what is more there is no need to spend money or look for and wait for a transfer from the hotel to the diving spot;

wireless Internet connection: share the new emotions and photos with friends;

incredible environment and view: bay landscapes, coral reefs and mountains of Jordan;

comfortable aqua zone: modern swimming pool with clear and warm water, where it is so pleasant to start a day or relax after a firework of emotions and feelings that you get from diving.

fully equipped kitchens and maintenance rooms: there is everything for keeping food and cooking, eating, also a washing machine, dryer etc. - no domestic hassle or worries;

hospitable and cozy chill out zones - in the mansion with a fireplace and a record player (a collection of "golden" vinyl comes with it), in the fresh air (all the residents can use the barbecue);

 Staying in a villa you can always easily have a rest or enjoy a light snack in a shade between the dives, and to have a nice dinner and hang out in the evening not spending time on the road from the sea to the hotel/café/club.

 Full scale diving center

 Diver's villa "AHLA" - is not just a comfortable and homelike warm and theme accommodation. Everybody, who chose such a mansion-club in Eilat for living and rest, can use masks and snorkels. Here you have all the facilities for proper storing of you equipment, you will be able to find help in choosing the equipment for diving, there is also a service for rent and maintenance and so on.

In the daytime conquerors of the underwater world gather here and diver's life is in action. Certified, experienced, sophisticated divers and intro divers will find it interesting to communicate and they will be able to find partners for guided dives, learn the maps of diving sites of Israel or register of intro dive for beginners.

 Vacation with an extended program

 Spectacular diving in the daytime, swimming pool and barbecue in the evening... These are not all the opportunities and possibilities for people who chose "AHLA" villa. Guests will be supplied with an extended program: organization of various excursions in Eilat and beyond, transfers, courses, certification in scuba diving and so on.