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Do you wish to go Scuba Diving in Eilat?!

Dive site in Eilat "Moses Rock"

All the near-shore area of the Red sea that washes the territory of Eilat is one big dive-site. These places will be interesting not only to a beginner who only starts his acquaintance with the underwater life but also to an experienced diver. Our diving center offers you to make the most interesting guided dives in the best dive-sites of Eilat. One of them is the world famous dive-site “Moses Rock”.


Dive-site “Moses Rock” is situated on the territory of a coral reserve that stretches from hotel “Ambassador” to the sea observatory. You can enter the water in a few spots. The first one is located on the north side of the reserve, two others – are piers on a coral shore, that allow you to dive 8 meters deep at once. Entering the water from the shore by the piers is prohibited to protect the coral reefs. Moses Rock is in front of the two piers.

Who can take part

Dive-site “the Cliff of Moses” is one of the most unique places. It is suitable for divers of any level as well as beginners without any diving level at all. Quite a big coral reef stretches along the coastline, where anyone can snorkel, or even rent diving equipment which is one of the services of our diving center. More experienced divers will be able to dive as deep as they can, according to their diving level.

Description of dive-site “the Moses Rock

Here you will find plenty of enjoyable things close to the surface as well as deep down.

  • Less than 4 meters down a diver will see colorful near-shore corals and a picturesque Rock of Jesus.
  • A little further from the shore is the Moses Rock – a coral formation, the basis of which is lays 9 meters deep and the top is close to the water surface.
  • If you dive 19 meters deep you will be able to see a huge coral table.
  • If you dive deeper you will find fascinating in their primeval beauty coral reefs of Eilat.

You will definitely be amazed at the abundance of sea inhabitants that you will meet during your whole dive starting from the surface. Eels and octopuses, barracudas and scorpion fish, turtles and lobsters – these are to name a few of all the inhabitants of the Red sea depths that you will meet if you visit “Moses Rock” dive-site.

This place can be a perfect variant to try night diving. You will definitely get in an incredible, incomparable world that you will remember for the rest of your life. Note, that if you are planning on night diving you have to warn the border control.

Recommended equipment

The equipment depends on the depth of the diving. You can easily rent or buy diving equipment using the service of our diving center. Don’t forget to bring your camera and take photos of all the beauty of the underwater world of the Red sea.