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Guided Dive

By the law of Israel you cannot explore the underwater world singlehandedly and it is better to find an experienced soul mate to practice scuba diving in Eilat. If you are a certified diver and would like to enjoy all the beauty of the Red sea flora and fauna, but can’t find a partner with such like opportunity and desire, we can help! Our diving center in Eilat offers you a service of a professional dive guide.

Why does an experienced diver need an instructor?

 The majority might think that having a certificate, an insurance and experience is enough to not use the help of an instructor. In this case the help of a professional is not in teaching and giving advice. An instructor is more of a guide, companion or friend that knows all the secrets of the local underwater world and is ready to share them with you. He can be just a guide, but he can also help gain confidence in an unknown place and be a mentor in any difficult situation.

Together with an experienced guide you can set off on an exciting journey to extraordinary coral reefs, wrecks other fascinating dive-sites.

guided dive in eilat_צלילה מודרכת באילת_погружение с инструктором в Эйлате

Individually or in a group?

 The tour can be individual (just you and a guide) or group (a few amateur divers and a guide). Remember that when you are diving alone with a guide you will see much more than on a diving tour with a group. Your guide will always instantly react to your any prefer or desire.

Our club is preparing all the diving equipment, organizes a briefing and then delivers the divers to their diving spot.

There is a limit of 6 people per group, but if there is a Dive-Master among them, 8 people can simultaneously set off on an underwater journey.

dive with dolphins in Eilat_sunrise dive_לצלול עם דולפינים בנהיגה של אילת סאנרייז_дайвинг с дельфинами

Required documents

To take part in an underwater tour with a guide or in a group of divers you need to have a certificate, insurance (can be arranged in our diving club) and a logbook with a date of your last dive.

The diving is usually carried out in the morning time. We choose the deepest spots with gradually descending depth bar (in this case the chance of decompression sickness is the least).


Contact our diving center in Eilat to get the most of your scuba diving and make it a wonderful pastime. We welcome diving amateurs as well as professional divers, who want to see and explore the incredible underwater life of the Red sea.

Guided dive in group with instructor - 150 ₪ per person, including a set of diving equipment, suit, air tank + transfer to any accessible diving site in Eilat.

Night Dive dive with instructor, including all diving equipment + suit + air + transfer to dive site - 250 ₪ / per person

Sunrise Dive with private instructor - 250 shekels,  including a set of diving equipment, flashlight, suit, air tank + transfer to any accessible diving site in Eilat.

Private guided dive with personal instructor - 200 shekels, , including a set of diving equipment, suit, air tank + transfer to any accessible diving site in Eilat.


Prices does not including dive insurance, which you can take order online in any company of Insurance or in our dive center will be pleased to help you solve this problem.