Make an order for accommodation and get 15 % off from Scuba Diving Lodging In Eilat
Rescue Diver + CPR

Once a month the diving center "AHLA" offers discounts on the diving courses Rescue Diver + CPR. Those lessons are considered to be the most difficult as far as physical condition of the students is concerned. All the interested can sign up for the advanced diving course to make the dreams come true and learn how to scuba dive under water.

The discounts we offer:

It is important to know that Rescue Course requires the desire to learn. The students need to put a lot of effort to overcome their fears. If a person is indifferent  towards what the teacher says, such lessons will only be a waste of time. Here are the actual discounts we offer:

  •  15% discount for the students who were quick enough to sign up for a particular date;
  •   20% discount on a dive with an instructor for any diving specializations, applicable to the groups of more than 3 people;
  •   student. living in a villa, have  discount on the booking of accommodation in the diving center.

Diving training on the mentioned courses  costs only 1200 shekels, which is nowadays considered affordable to any participant. By the end of the course and with a successful pass of the theoretical and practical lessons, students get an international diving certificate "Stress & Rescue Diver". What is more, having received the certificate, divers with such level can easily rent equipment and scuba sets from our diving center and make individual fun dives without an instructor.

The advantages a student gets

Professional diving course - a guarantee of safety on water. Only experienced and qualified specialists work and teach in our diving center.

Advantages of the training:

  •       excellent theoretical and practical preparation;
  •       convenient schedule of lessons, created minding the client's will;
  •       diving school provides all the necessary equipment for underwater immersion;
  •       a student will learn to prepare the equipment on his own;
  •       full control of the underwater movement, no matter the direction;
  •       you will learn to get in and out of the water following all the safety rules, swim with flippers, reaching and keeping neutral buoyancy without much extra effort.

Course Rescue Diver + CPR - excellent theoretical knowledge. A student will learn the influence of water pressure on the body, the principles of equipment work and what this or that tool is for. One will also learn the safety diving rules and means of first aid assistance.  What is more students of "Stress and Rescue on water" course will learn to control their emotions in case of emergency.

The price of diving courses in Eilat is totally justified. Just imagine what opportunities are included in the studies. Having a nice discount will live nobody indifferent.

course price 1500 NIS for three days
accommodation at the villa - 80 shekels per day

 If you have any other questions, please call us +972584160685. Experienced managers will help you explain to you and will help understand this or that sale offer.