Make an order for accommodation and get 15 % off from Scuba Diving Lodging In Eilat

Nitrox Speciaty Discount- every Saturday

Nitrox Speciaty Discount- every Saturday

Diving center "Ahla" in Eilat gives a unique sale of a 15% discount on the "Nitrox" specialization. Such and offer is in effect every Saturday. Those who decide to sign up and will make it on time for a specific date will get maximum advantages and financial profit. The peculiarity of the course is the fact that is a group of 4 or more people is organized, every participant might get a 20% discount on the dives with an instructor on diving resources of Eilat. It is an incredibly beneficial offer that you can't miss.

What does "Nitrox" course include?

This diving action does not include practical lessons but is more focused on theory. You together with an instructor will go through the course completely and get the skills required for the diving with Nitrox mixture, that is essential for deep water diving. In this program of diving training one can get the knowledge and information on the following:

  • Everything about the usage of Nitrox mixture;
  • The way to determine the contents, choosing the required mixture for a safe dive;
  • Physiological aspects of using Nitrox, the impact of high pressure on a body;
  • The peculiarities of the equipment maintenance, its configuration and usage.

Besides. all the participants of the advanced diving courses will get the knowledge of how to use the grids and work with underwater computers. Any certified Ope Water Diver diver can take part in this course and offer. All you need is the interest in this specialization.

Diving courses of "Ahla" center are very profitable. With an average price you get professional instructors who will teach you to dive without risk for health and harm to the body. Diving in Eilat will bring you lots of joy and impressions and will bring your diving skills to the next level.

The cost of "Nitrox - enriched air" specialization with a 15 % discount is only 380 shekels per person.

The course takes place every Saturday, you can sing up by calling +972584160685 or through a form for the feedback on our site, labeled "Nitrox Promo"