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Assistant of Instructor Course

scuba diving PADI Assistant Instructor Course in Eilat   

Diving in Eilat attracts thousands of scuba diving amateurs to Israel every year. Beginners as well as professional divers arrive here to get acquainted with amazing depths of the Red sea. Eilat is renowned as a worldwide center of diving and dive sites of the Red sea are known as ones of the most beautiful in the world. If you already are a professional diver with an experience of lots of independent dives we offer you to go through Assistant of Instructor Course – a level which will get you ready to fulfilling a dream of every professional diver: a title of instructor.

Why do I need this

To keep yourself in a proper physical form and not forget practical skills, any diver should practice diving from time to time. If a person does not make dive for a long period of time, in Israel this period is 6 months, or his log book does not have a proof of the fact, than before he can set off to do some independent diving he has to reaffirm his qualification by going through Refresh-dive (Check-dive) under a supervision of an experienced instructor. Only after this his diving skill level will be checked and verified and a diver will be able to practice diving again.

To get rid of such necessity there is “Assistant of Instructor” course. Having finished this course a diver gets a certificate and forgets about passing Check-dive ever again. There will be also no need to go through Refresh dive with this kind of diving level.

What does “Assistant of Instructor” offer

Assistant of Instructor is instructor’s assistant. Certificate of finishing the course equals Assistant Instructor certificate. This diving level allows unlimited number of dives in any part of the world without any qualification verification. If you have “Assistant of Instructor” certificate you will be able to find a job in a dive center doing tasks of preparing and carrying out;

Assistant of Instructor also allows a diver to work as an assistant of a diving instructor.

How to become a participant

Assistant of Instructor is available for all divers older than 18 and for those who meets the following requirements:

  • medical document that shows no contradictions against diving, with a sign and a stamp from a licensed doctor;
  • minimum qualification level AOWD, with a corresponding certificate;
  • An experience of at least 60 dives in the open water registered in the log book.

Having finished the course and after receiving the certificate participant who are from 18 to 21 years old are able to make unlimited independent dives in the Red sea or any other part of the world not going through Refresh-dive. Course takers older than 21 also receive a chance to work in diving centers doing responsibilities that correspond to their diving level.

Price:4000.00 ₪
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