Diving for Children

Diving for Children

A balanced development for children is the main goal of all parents without exception. Annual (or at least frequent) holidays by the sea will help your children grow up healthy and strong. And if you make your children go in for scuba diving – they will surprise you not only with strong immune system but also with great physical abilities.

Diving for children can be a perfect start of their successful career in future. But even if scuba diving skills are not useful for their future profession, they can easily decide on their favourite hobby.

diving with children in Eilat

A child’s body needs special attention

Many people think that children should not go in for diving, because a young body is not yet ready for this kind of pressure and stress. But it is only partly true: a child’s body is weak unstable and is in the beginning of its formation yet. But diving for children is different from diving for adults.

Trips to diving center have to become a real pleasure for the child. Only then can you expect some really great results from the training. Swimming under water will definitely be good for children because they will not only learn to dive under water with scuba equipment but also they will train their muscles (including lung capacity). Children will become healthier, develop stamina and good on-water balance (divers move paddling in fins and a child remembers this technique and then uses it in swimming) and get rid of fears.

But the most important skill that children will learn is to proper breathing technique that allows to change the depth due to lung expansion and compression during inhaling and exhaling. This skill will help your child to become a first-class diver.

Diving for Children

Technical aspects of diving for children

Teaching diving for children is carried out in a safe depth of water. Children of 8-10 years old make their first dive down 6 meters only. Children of 10-16 years old can dive not deeper than 12 meters and teenagers of (16-18 years old) can already dive into the depths of 18 meters (that is quite deep even for experienced divers).

Children dive only under the supervision of adults, experienced and qualified instructors (diving professionals).

Despite the provided minimal age, parents themselves have to decide whether their children should start diving courses. They have make all the medical proofs that their children do not have any contraindications against training and that the children are healthy. But you should not forget about your children’s desires: he has to be eager to train and get real pleasure from diving.

And remember diving – is a family activity, thanks to which you can build a happy and healthy part of society.

200/240 ₪ per person / included private instructor for each person

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