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Nitrox Scuba Diving Course - Padi Nitrox Certification in Eilat

נייטרוקס קורס צלילה באילת - Padi Enriched Air Nitrox Diver course   

MORE TIME TO EXPLORE - Nitrox training!

Gas breathing mixtures that are used in deep diving are different from simple air in compound and are generally called Nitrox. If you sign up for Enriched Air Nitrox course you will learn everything about Nitrox and how it is used in diving.

When on land we all breathe almost the same air in chemical compound. The content of oxygen in the air is approximately 21%. But air mixtures that divers use when deep diving meet special requirements. If the diving cylinder is filled with simple air, then the tissues of the body are gradually become saturated with nitrogen. If you do not keep the time and depth limits, it can be the reason to the first symptoms of decompression sickness.

Professional divers found a solution to this problem. They started to use Nitrox air mixtures for deep diving.

What is Nitrox breathing air mixture

Nitrox – is a common name for all gaseous breathing mixes that consist of oxygen and nitrogen. Nitrox air mixture is made to extend the maximum time and depths for a diver and lower the risk of getting a decompression sickness. Deep diving breathing mixture contains more than 21% of oxygen and that is why it is also called “enriched air”. If you would like to learn more you should sing up for Enriched air Nitrox course.

What does the Enriched air Nitrox course consist of

The length of the course is only 1day, during which you will learn a lot of useful and interesting information:

  • about the most popular Nitrox mixtures;
  • on how the determine the compound of Nitrox in the cylinder
  • on how to choose the right mixture for deep diving using Nitrox breathing mixtures;
  • on physical and physiological peculiarities of Nitrox diving
  • on the influence of increased partial pressure on person under water
  • on the particulars of Nitrox diving planning;
  • on the ways of controlling the tissue saturation with nitrogen
  • on the process of using, cleaning and maintaining Nitrox equipment

You will also learn to use the tables correctly, that are designed especially for diving on enriched air mixtures and underwater Nitrox-computers.


Participant requirements

To take part in the program and to get a diving specialization Enriched Air Nitrox a student has to have at least the initial diving level Open Water Diver. In this case he will be able to dive 18 meters deep. If a diver has Advanced Open Water Diver level than he can dive as deep as 30 meters. What is more, specialists of our diving center offer photo and video shooting service of your dives. We have all the necessary professional equipment to help you memorize this special moments.

All the participants have to meet the following requirements:

  • minimum age is 12 years old (with a written permission from parents or care-takers)
  • good health condition

Before the start of the course all the students fill in a medical form and people who are older than 65 need to have an additional medical proof of good health.

Padi nitrox course cost

Course standarts
theory lesson + final exam
minimum level is (Junior) Open Water Diver
not needed for the course
Maximum depth
Course does not include dives
400 shekels in group / 500 shekels private
Price:500.00 ₪
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