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"ביטול עסקה בהתאם לתקנות הגנת הצרכן (ביטול עסקה), התשע"א-2010 וחוק הגנת הצרכן, התשמ"א-1981" תוכלו לקרוא ולהתעדכן בחוק בקישורים הבאים:
המדריך לביטול עסקה
תקנה להגנה על זכויות הצרכן (סיום העסקה), 2009-2010

Sidemount –  is a scuba diving equipment configuration which has scuba sets with pressured breathing gas mounted alongside the diver. This method has its advantages and disadvantages. Sidemount was designed for underwater tours in caves, where is is often not possible to pass the gaps because of breathing cylinders on the back. It is way easier to fit the cylinders one by one than a pair of them combined.

Nowadays sidemount is actively promoted by various diving training agencies. If you are interested in finishing a training course with such techniques in Israel by the Red sea, you should turn to "Ahla" diving center in Eilat. Our instructors carry out practices of technical and recreational diving. All ther employees have a high qualification, a lot of experience and excellent practical skills and theory, with the help of which they can teach the peculiarities of diving to any beginner fast and effectively.

Pros of sidemount diving

We are giving sidemount diving courses more and more, as this practice has the following advantages:

  • No back pressure. This advantage allows people with back problems to try out diving. What is more, such technique takes the load of the back which is beneficial to the whole locomotor system condition.
  • Duplication. At the time of recreational diving it is very useful to have independent gas sources. SIdemount presupposes using of at least two cylinders, which eliminates the chance of no access to the breathing gas.
  • Economy. Phased usage of one cylinder decreases the whole gas consumption in the average of 50%, which makes the price of the course considerably cheaper.
  • Lightweight. Sidemount makes diving preparation easy and fast, as it is much easier to carry separate cylinders, than to carry a combined double cylinder.  
  • Convenience. In order to open/close the valves on a twin tank one has to be flexible. In case of sidemount cylinder placement the valves are situated right under the diver's shoulder which makes it easy to use.
  • Balance. A lot of professional and amateur divers claim, that sidemount provides optimal balance under water, and due to low level of head drag, underwater movement takes less strength.

Cons of sidemount technique

Besides the obvious advantages, sidemount has its complexities. First of all, not always can a diver carry the cylinders in the water beforehand (when diving from the board or shore, with high waves). In such cases it is required to dive without a bondage and put it on only afterwards, attach inflaters and place regulators. Secondly, the new method of cylinder fastening requires usage of new equipment. This generally results in high monetary expense. Third of all, diving with two separate cylinders requires a special technodiver card, which can be acquired after a technical diving course, having spent money, time and strength. Lastly, sidemount presupposes using various types of equipment that always change. At the time of the courses instructors will teach you the techniques and peculiarities of underwater behavior, but it will still be required to think for yourself and adapt the equipment to your own skills and physical abilities.

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