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Do you wish to go Scuba Diving in Eilat?!

Padi Night Diver Course| Night Dive Certification

קורס צלילת לילה באילת_ padi night diver course in Eilat   

To learn night diving – is to have a completely different look on the underwater world. Go through a "Night Diver" training program and learn all the peculiarities of the night underwater scuba diving.

Diving is not just a pastime. It is a whole life during which a person learns something new and unknown every single moment. If you dive in the water with a scuba even once it will be impossible to forget this wonderful feeling of freedom for everyday routine and the first realization of the majesty of the water in which a person is merely a tiny grain. Observation of the marvelous underwater world, its flora and fauna makes a person commit himself to the sea and constantly master his skills of diving.

Diving club “AHLA” in Eilat invites everybody partial to go through a Night Diver training course and get a certificate of a successfully finished course in just two days.

Results of the course

  • You will learn to define the places to enter the water at night time.
  • Night diving will seem much more interesting and safe when you learn the techniques of visibility improvement under water with the help of a torch.
  • Find a shore or your ship will be a problem no longer for you.
  • You will learn what to do if your partner suddenly went out of sight.
  • You will understand that a went out torch is surely a problem but it can be solved.
  • You will be thoroughly instructed on which equipment to choose for night scuba diving to be completely safe from different accidents.
  • You will learn what night diving is in practice and master the diving techniques at nighttime and in turbid water as well as learn the difference between these two notions.

 Course acceptance conditions              

To take part in the Night Diver training program you must be in the good state of health and have a minimum diving level Open Water Diver.

Diving center "AHLA" in Eilat welcomes everybody to get the important knowledge and skills of diving as a part of all the present day training programs. After each course you will receive a certificate that will allow you to continue your study on the next level.

Price:1300.00 ₪
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