Emergency First Response

Diving course Emergency First Response

 Diving club AHLA DIVE in Eilat welcomes everybody to go through a ”First Aid” training course:

As a part of the course all the participants will get the basic medical knowledge and will also learn:

  • the order of action while doing the “Emergency First Response  Primary care CPR” and reanimation actions at the time of an accident
  • the levels of carrying out the secondary medical assistance
  • The principles of “First Aid” assistance to children

The courses are conducted according to a program, developed by practitioners of the leading countries of the world based on international standards.

How is the training carried out and who can partake?

First medical aid ministration is an important part of saving a life of a person who has been in an accident. Helping the injured without any specific knowledge and skills can be very difficult at the time of an emergency. But if a person is able to perform reanimation actions, he can save life of an injured person and give him a chance to survive.

Course standarts
4-8 hours
desire to learn
not needed for the course
Maximum depth
Course does not include dives
Course duration
execution of all course standards
400 shekels in group / 500 shekels private

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