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Padi Master Scuba Diver Cetrification in Eilat

PADI Master Scuba Diver Certification in Eilat   

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Master Scuba  Diver is one of the most prestigious levels that you can get in diving. It is also the highest level of certification outside the instructor categories. Only professional divers who can combine theoretical knowledge, practical skills and wide experience can reach this level. Master Diver course is the leading diving level which is an indication of a dive mater of the highest class.

What is in Scuba Master Diver program

The course consists of the following programs:

  1. On water exercises, during which  physical characteristics, level of professionalism, knowledge and skills  of  the divers are estimated.
  2. Theoretical part that includes studies of questions of diving physiology and physics of swimming under water,  theory and nuances of decompression, peculiarities of choosing diving equipment. You also reach the highest level of “First Aid” and “EFR”programs and the rules of behavior in emergency situations. Having finished “Master Diver” course a person becomes a highly qualified instructor that can carry out Instructor courses and certify new instructors and his career growth depends on thorough studies of  course programs and development of leadership qualities as well as professional skills.
  3. Practical exercises including carrying out theoretical and practical lessons for divers of lower levels as well as numerous dives in the open water. All the dives are planned in a way of using all the course aspects in practice.

Who can take the course

To sign in for Master Scuba Diver course you need to meet the following criteria:

  1. Be 21 or older;
  2. Be able to answer “No” to all the questions that diver’s medical application has;
  3. Be in good physical form, proved by a document of good state of health without and contradictions against diving and deep diving.
  4. Have an Instructor certificate or its equivalent, issued by another certifying organization.
  5. Course Master Diver – is the aerobatics of diving. To pass it successfully and for further certification you have to already be a highly qualified instructor with hundreds of dives deep knowledge and understanding of diving physiology, physics and human anatomy. But the main skills that a future Master Diver needs to possess are organization, discipline and the ability to find understanding with any person.

Course requirements

For teaching and carrying our practical exercises a Master Scuba Diver will need diving equipment. You can buy or rent it using the services of our diving center.

Master Scuba Diver course – is one of the highest and most prestigious of all the instructor’s levels in diving. Highly qualified instructors of “Ahla” diving center in Eilat will help you finish the course successfully.

The course fee for the Advanced Open Water Diver level up to the PADI Master Diver level is NIS 6950.

Price includes PADI MasterDiver Certification, Rescue Diver Course, EFR First Aid Specialty and 5 more diving specialties, equipment rental, accommodation discount

Price:6950.00 ₪
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