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Do you wish to go Scuba Diving in Eilat?!
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Diving marriage proposal   

Do you think that diving can be an exciting pastime during your holiday? Cannot imagine your life without underwater element and cannot imagine a holiday by the sea in Eilat not exploring all the deepest corners of the wonderful Red sea? Or you finally decided to try your strength and go in for diving for the first time in your life? In any case our experienced instructors will give you a helping hand, reveal all the secrets of diving to you and help you choose the right equipment.

Off with banalities, try extraordinary diving!

If you are used to surprising people around you with crazy deeds - recreation in Eilat will allow you to prove this once more, that there is no limit to imagination. Our diving center practices completely unusual diving, during which you can shock or pleasantly surprise your friends. Turn on your imagination and creative thinking!

best diving servise in eilat

If unique ideas do not get into your hear we will help you:

  • Draw colorful posters and congratulate your friends or relatives on their birthdays or other holidays under water during one of your dives.
  • Send your girlfriend on a voyage and unexpectedly turn up from the depths of the sea with a bottle of champagne in your hands.
  • You have always dreamed to bond yourself with your perfect half but couldn’t find a way to tell them? The time has come! You can plunge into the water together and put a ring on the finger of your faithful one on the bottom of the world’s most beautiful sea.

 Proposal under water is like a memorable picture, will be unforgettable to everybody without  an exception, even if they just happen to witness or take part in such an extraordinary event.

Victimless hunting

Would you like to set off on a hunt in the depths of the richest water reservoir of Israel? Don’t forget to take your gun. Not a regular gun, but the one that will leave you with memories of every single moment that you spent under water forever. Photo hunting is the main pleasure and treat of any diver.

To everyone who is full of strength and vital energy and cannot sit in one place and cannot imagine their life without excitement we offer to go in for extraordinary diving. It is the best way to spend your holiday on the shore of an always warm sea. It is a wonderful opportunity to memorize every moment and be able to tell your kids about it. Successful underwater hunting will give you incredible emotions from everyday activity.

Finally those who are not yet satisfied we offer to set off on a diving safari. A few days spent in the friendly company of soul mates new experiences every minute and off course unforgettable emotions all this awaits you in our diving center.

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