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Scuba Diving with Underwater Photo in Eilat

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Diving in the picturesque depths of the Red sea brings unforgettable emotions. The splendor of the underwater flora and fauna and breathtaking feeling of freedom - do you want to save the pristine brightness of the memories? Now it is possible thanks to our service of professional underwater photography, available to every client of "AHLA" diving club.

What do we offer?

Diving center "AHLA" provides high quality underwater footage, that is no different from a "Discovery" TV program. Instructor, accompanying the diver at the time of the dive, makes a full scale photo shoot, the main character of which will be you surrounded by colorful fish and fairy tale corals of the Red sea. One person or a group can take part in the photo shoot. It is the ideal way to capture your exciting vacation, celebrate a new hobby and obtain a professional underwater portfolio.

In order to make the photo shoot, specialists select the most picturesque spots, coral reefs, where many amazing creatures live. Additionally, we provide diving equipment for rent, in order to make the shooting comfortable and safe. Instructors will choose the proper equipment and will fully organize the dive. It will be a real adventure. At the customer's request, we will make a video - it will be a great addition to the photos.

At the operator's disposal there is a professional Canon camera, sealed in a waterproof box, filters, lenses and light (flash). It allows us to get the perfect quality of the footage. A lot of experience in scuba diving and work under water helps us make really nice shots. The cameraman carefully chooses the composition, light and perspective in order to convey the fantastic atmosphere of the underwater world, that you plunge in. What is more, our diving club offers comprehensive diving training for the beginners and those, who wish to master their skills.

Who is this for?

The given service is available to absolutely every client of our club, no matter the scuba diving experience. But it is more popular among beginners, that wish to capture their first (introductory) dive. It is a thrilling moment, that's why people want to share it with their relatives, friends and acquaintances. The diving is carried out to the depth of 6 meters, in order to preserve natural light and clear visibility. Besides that, the brightest fish and corals inhabit these waters. If you want to order underwater photo shoot, please contact consultants on our site.

How much does a photo shoot cost?

Only the best places for diving are suitable for such a photo shoot, where you can fully enjoy the beauty of the sea depths. Professionals of diving club organize a fascinating adventure, and you will be left with incredible photos and video. The price of such a service is around 120 shekels per person. To learn more about the photo shooting you can fill in a simple online form on our site.

Price:120.00 ₪

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