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Do you wish to go Scuba Diving in Eilat?!

Get Your Padi Deep Diver Specialty Certification in Eilat

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Deep Dive Specialty! 

 Deep diving – is a deep-water immersion that allows a diver to get acquainted with a wonderful world, that is 40 meters far from the water surface. This is the boundary that separates recreational diving from technical.

Having received a qualification diving level Open Water Diver, you will be able to dive for not more than 18 meters. If you raise you qualification and receive Advanced Open Water Diver level, you will be able to dive as deep as 30 meters. But if you want to get the ability of diving even deeper, than you have to go through Deep Diver course, by the end of which you will gain access to deep-water scuba diving for the depth of 40 meters.

Why do I need this?

Really, when you are not that deep (less than 18 meters) the light is better, corals are most bright, there is fish of all the colors of the rainbow and the water is much warmer. It is all true. But dark sea deep always enticed people. Who lives there? What is there? What secrets lay at the bottom of the sea? Deep down is really much darker and colder than in the shallow waters. And yes, at depth the air supply is consumed faster, and this shortens the time spent under the water considerably. Without proper skills and knowledge depth can be very dangerous.

It is all true. But deep-water diving allows you to get acquainted with a completely different world that is beyond the reach of a regular person. There are completely different inhabitants that you never seen before. You can see coral reefs in their primeval beauty. Right there you can find the majority of sunken objects. Specialists of our diving center and deep-water diving course can help  you see all this beauty with your own eyes.

Most of the time sunken objects lay 15-40 meters deep, depending on how the object sunk. Coral reefs often go down to such depths, for example Blue hall. If a person wants to get a Divemaster certificate or Instructor assistant, than it is obligatory for him to go through the deep-water diving course.

What are the aims of Deep Diver program?

The course allows a diver to get the whole concept of deep diving. It helps you reach the following goals:

  1. To learn the theory and planning of deep-water diving.
  2. To learn all the peculiarities of deep diving.
  3. To know all the potential dangers that you can face in the process of deep diving.
  4. To get practical knowledge and skills of deep diving.
  5. To master the process of making repeated individual dives for the depth of 40 meters.
  6. To actively use the enriched air Nitrox for deep diving.

As a result a diver receives all the necessary knowledge for safe deep-water diving.

What are the requirements to the divers who want to go through the course?

Deep Dive course is 2 days long. You can get the price of the course if you contact the specialists of our diving center. Note that insurance is not included in the price of the course. It can be made if you use our diving center service. All the participants have to meet the following requirements:

  1. The age of 16 and more. Under aged participants must have a written permission from their parents or care-takers.
  2. Diving level not lower than Advanced Open Water Diver + Nitrox certification.
  3. Good state of health.

Do not forget to order photo or video shooting of the practical lessons of the course. Such pictures can be made only once in a lifetime.

Price:1300.00 ₪
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