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Padi Specialty Diver Course "Search & Recovery"

Padi Specialty Diver Course "Search & Recovery"    

Everyone who is fond of diving sooner or later faces the necessity of searching for a sunken object and its further lifting to the water surface. “Search & Recovery” course is designed by the specialists of our diving center just for this reason, and will be useful to each and every diver.

Diving in Eilat in the Red sea attracts people from all over the world. It is true, because it is a unique opportunity to see everything that is hidden from ordinary people under the water with your own eyes. We will help you reach this goal. Our diving center organizes various diving courses just for this reason.

Sooner or later every diver faces a situation when he needs to search and lift up some sunken object. It really does not matter what you need to lift: a wrist watch that has fallen of your hand or treasures that you found during wreck diving; all the dives with an aim of searching and recovering sunken objects are very specific and require special knowledge and training level from a diver. Specialists of our diving center will help you get all the necessary information for this purpose if you start “Search & Recovery” course.

Participant requirements for “Search & Recovery”

To sign in for the course and get a diving certificate in the specialization “Search & Recovery” participants have to meet the following requirements:

  1. The age of 12 and older. All the under aged participants of the “Search & Recovery” course have to have a written permission from their parents or care-takers.
  2. Minimum diving level Open Water Diver.
  3. Good state of health. Before the start of the course all the students fill in a small medical form. Participants who are older than 65 need to have an additional medical proof of good health signed by a doctor.

 “Search & Recovery” course program

The length of the course is 2 days. In the course of theoretical lections specialists of our diving center will touch upon such topics as:

  • planning and organizing your dives, the main aim of which is searching and further lifting of objects that are under water.
  • details of diving in search of objects as well as the means of navigation under water.
  • difficulties and dangers that you can face in this king of diving;
  • various techniques with the help of which you can determine the location of a sunken object and the searching methods;
  • special techniques of lifting and different appliances that you can use in recovering.
  • safety measures of diving with a goal of searching and recovering the sunken objects.

Practical lessons are carried out by experienced instructors of our diving center in Coral Beach or Migdalor dive-site. This point depends on the preference of the students.

At the end of the course every diver receives a certificate of achieving a diving specialization “Search & Recovery”.

Don’t forget to order photo or video shooting of your practical lessons. This service is also available in our diving center. Don’t miss your chance to get the fantastic shots of your adventure.

Price:1300.00 ₪
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