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PADI Wreck Diver Specialty- Wreck Diving Certification in Eilat

קורס צלילה באילת ספינות תרופות - wreck diver course   

Padi Wreck Specialty

For any person diving for a sunken shipwreck is an unforgettable experience that he will remember for the rest of his life. Wreck diving course is designed to teach divers all rules and peculiarities of this process.

Our diving center that is situated in Eilat is offering you wreck diving course. Our qualified specialists will teach you everything you need and help you make your first step into the world full of excitement and adventures, world wreck diver. Let us see what wreck diving is in detail and what is included in the training program.

What is wreck diving?

Words like “shipwreck” or “sunken ships” make people’s eyes burn with excitement. They mean adventures, treasures and historically significant findings. And it is easy to understand that anyone would like to touch this fascinating world and become a part of it at least for some time. To say nothing of professionals. To feel the range of emotions and sensory acuity every one of them should make a dive-excursion on a sunken shipwreck at least once. The Red sea is one of the best places to do so. Diving and exploring of sunken objects is called wreck diving. It can be not only ships, but also planes and sometimes even cars and other machinery that due to irresistible circumstances appeared on the bottom of the Red sea. Diving in Eilat and wreck diving are inseparable notions.

Why do you need to learn how to do wreck diving?

For a diver who does his first immersion for a sunken object it is always an outstanding and unforgettable event. But do not forget that wreck diving is always connected with some kind of a risk and danger. The main distinguishing feature of diving for a sunken object from regular diving is that there is no ability to swim straight up. Since a person can swim inside of a ship, it is vital for him to be able to find a way out. What is more, visibility is usually bad inside the sunken objects, that is why a diver has to learn to work in such conditions. Wreck diving course is made exactly to teach you how to operate inside a sunken shipwreck and many other necessary things.

קורס צלילה באילת ספינות תרופות - wreck diver course - дайвинг

What is in the wreck diving course?

Let us speak about requirements first:

  1. Minimum participant age is 15. Under aged participants need to have a written permission from their parents or care-takers.
  2. Minimum diving level - Advanced Open Water Diver plus Nitrox.
  3. Diver needs to be in good state of health.

The course is 2 days long. During the lections you will learn:

  • how to choose and determine the location of a wreck
  • how to pick the right equipment, necessary for wreck diving
  • the details and peculiarities of diving technique for sunken objects

You can learn the price of the course if you contact specialists of our diving center. Note that insurance is not included in the price of the course. You can make one, using our diving center service.

Having gone through a wreck diving course in Eilat you will be able to make your first dive for a sunken object. Do not forget that you can order photo and video shooting. Such things happen almost once in a lifetime and it has to be recorded.

Price:1300.00 ₪
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